What do I gain from mentoring?

Tim Akerman
Categories:   Learning   Mentoring  

I was recently asked, as a mentor what do I get from mentoring. The answers are quite basic and rooted in the reason I set up my business.

I set up my own business because I repeatedly saw small and medium businesses struggling with quality issues, high stock levels and long lead times caused by ineffective processes. I wanted to help businesses that are struggling to improve and grow, so I became a consultant specifically to help and support these businesses.

What I gain from mentoring small businesses is

·       The satisfaction of helping businesses learn to use world class techniques.

·       The opportunity to make a difference for small business owners

·       Networking with small businesses demonstrating the value I can add

·       Opportunities to actively practice coaching and mentoring skills

·       Exposure for my business and my brand

The most important reward by far is the difference I have been allowed to make in peoples lives through removing obstacles to growth, both now and in the future.