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Do you have quality problems, but the causes vary every time? Do you feel something is not right with your process, but can't find the source? Are you repeatedly fixing the same problem? Do you have high waste and rework levels, but can't seem to fix the problems?

When this happens, call me, I can help.

Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd provides process improvement, quality management system support and training, lean six sigma projects and training, and part time technical management support for SME's.

Through observing your process with you, I can help you improve quality and service, reduce lead time, waste and required resources in your process. This activity releases cash and capacity, allowing you to invest and grow your business.

I can work on a spectrum from a bought in expert resource to teaching and mentoring your own staff to apply world class process improvement techniques to deliver improvements.


John Williams
Tim is a great guy to work with, open to new ideas and then enthusiastically putting them into action - more often than not with proven, positive results. Tim is one of the best technical specialists I have worked with, and is a master of making a first and lasting impression on all those he comes into contact with.
John Hale
Working for Tim was one of the most rewarding periods of my career. Tim has an excellent understanding of Continuous Improvement, with an unwavering belief in to creating the right culture where everyone is empowered to make changes. As a leader Tim’s focus is on coaching and developing his team to ensure they realise their full potential. Those fortunate enough to work for Tim will agree this is not always a comfortable process as the challenge is constant but the reward is worth the effort. I would relish the opportunity to work for Tim again in the future.
Steven Partridge
Tim has the uncanny ability to turn complex issues into tangible, practical bites of information. Through his in-depth knowledge of systems thinking, change management and leadership his ability to teach and coach peers or learners is admirable. Tim has been a great help in my own development, and it is that which I thank him for.

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