About The Swarm Project

Have you ever wondered why humans behave the way they do? Why are we so territorial and aggressive? What if it wasn’t just about evolution?

65 million years ago… An advanced species threatened by a rebel faction develop a bioweapon to protect their way of life.

Elfinnim were themselves designed to be immortal, now they have in turn designed short-lived lifeforms that are deadly and territorial, yet vulnerable to termination on the whim of Elfinnim.

A prototype weapon – a female from a species they have designated human, indistinguishable from Elfinnim – has escaped the project, with the fearsome prospect that their weapon is thinking for itself and jeopardising the success of the project.

The Elfinnim Grand Council send warrior caste investigator Hal Balal to track down the rogue bioweapon and discover if there is a plot that puts the safety of all Elfinnim at risk.

How did the weapon escape and what are its aims? Why doesn’t it respond to commands as programmed? Is it a lone rogue, or is there an Elfinnim traitor bent on bringing down society to satisfy their own thirst for power? Can Hal find the weapon before it is turned against the Elfinnim empire?

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About the author

Tim Akerman is a scientist who spends most of his time helping businesses improve their performance. Science has always been important both as a career and for fun. Having spent most of his life reading science fiction, he decided to write his own fiction to get the stories out of his own head for others to enjoy. He is married with two grown up children and lives in sunny Lancashire with his wife and old black cat.