See below what my colleagues, co-workers and employees have said about working with me and the quality of my work.

John Williams
Tim is a great guy to work with, open to new ideas and then enthusiastically putting them into action - more often than not with proven, positive results. Tim is one of the best technical specialists I have worked with, and is a master of making a first and lasting impression on all those he comes into contact with.
John Hale
Working for Tim was one of the most rewarding periods of my career. Tim has an excellent understanding of Continuous Improvement, with an unwavering belief in to creating the right culture where everyone is empowered to make changes. As a leader Tim’s focus is on coaching and developing his team to ensure they realise their full potential. Those fortunate enough to work for Tim will agree this is not always a comfortable process as the challenge is constant but the reward is worth the effort. I would relish the opportunity to work for Tim again in the future.
Steven Partridge
Tim has the uncanny ability to turn complex issues into tangible, practical bites of information. Through his in-depth knowledge of systems thinking, change management and leadership his ability to teach and coach peers or learners is admirable. Tim has been a great help in my own development, and it is that which I thank him for.
Mark Bradford
In the time that I worked with Tim, he proved to be one the most influential people upon my career development to date. Tim has a dynamic about him that inspires you to look at and challenge things from a different perspective; yielding impressive results. His knowledge of process control and how to influence it is outstanding. Assimilation and manipulation of data is paramount to how Tim works. Working in conjunction with him on projects taught me how crucial analytical assessment of data is to achieving desired results. He is a good mentor and equally good colleague, who I would recommend highly to any organisation.
Mark Gilligan CAHRI
I reported to Tim both at Britvic Soft Drinks where he started his Managerial Career as Quality Manager and again at Field Packaging after we were both made redundant.I found Tim to be an engaging Manager, driven by a can do, will do approach to his work, (which in turn he instilled into his teams) and a highly analytical and evidence based approach to problem solving. In the four years that I worked for Tim I learned a great deal that has stayed with me and although I have changed professions, a lot of what I learned is still as useful to me today as it was then, in fact I was able to use some of it in a recent interview (The continuous Improvement Loop). I found Tim to be a great coach and mentor helping me develop my skills and improve my knowledge, making me look closely at what was being done and how it could be done better, ensuring that when I made a proposal for a change I had the evidence to back them up.
Stephen Clarke
Tim is a highly intelligent, talented individual. He has many skills to recommend him. He has an in depth and practical technical knowledge which he uses to great effect when faced with problems to solve or new products to research ,develop and deliver. Tim is very accomplished at interpreting both customer and market requirements into R and D projects and ,in turn,converting them into final products. He has a comprehensive knowledge of many industrial and chemical processes and the ability to apply it in an innovative and practical way. He is the best Six Sigma Master Black Belt I have ever met. He combines a complete understanding with a dedicated and real approach to analysing, monitoring and solving problems. Over the years he has proven to be a very effective manager of people, with a strong bias towards assisting in the development of others. Overall, Tim has incredibly high standards which are applied with great effect to all aspects of his work.
Neil McInnes
I have been in the privileged position to have worked with Tim as a colleague and as a supplier. Tim's knowledge of lean six sigma, process improvement and print and conversion expertise provided a basis to discuss new packaging concepts but also bring them to fruition and manage them through the commercial realisation phase. Working with Tim as the Technical Director for Field / Chesapeake Tobacco Packaging he was able to work with the sales team to understand the customer brief and work to convert it to a viable technical brief for cross functional development within the business. Often challenging the conventional approach of gravure and flexo printing to provide a solution addressing the internal and external cross functional requirements, and often providing the sales team that elusive opportunity to exceed the customers' expectations. I then had the opportunity to work with Tim while he was at API reviewing the development qualification and use of hot foils. While this is an established technology in the industry the support required for the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs review and approval process is a key to a successful supply partnership. With Tim's Industrial Chemistry background and understanding of processes he was instrumental in building a proactive channel of communication with the SRA team simplifying the development and improvement of hot foils. Additionally Tim's skill set enabled him to support Technical Print press side to ensure that the foils in use delivered against specification, working to feedback into the business to ensure that the product offered matched the intended usage parameters. Tim is always able to tread the fine line between presenting a technical and understandable message depending on the target audience, he is always professional taking time to actively listen to the "customers" requirements and ensuring that the facts are understood documented and utilised.