Providing cost effective quality and technical support

One of the reasons for setting up Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd was to provide a cost effective high standard support for technical and quality issues. It can be very difficult to recruit a high calibre individual as a small business, particularly when your need is for some support, not full time support.
This is where Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd can help. Tamarind Tree Consulting can contract for a few days a month to provide critical support to trained staff.

With many years of experience in quality systems, process improvement, formulation chemistry and problem solving, I can provide just the right level of support to help you achieve excellence in products and processes. Access to the right people, who know the right questions to ask, can be a powerful tool.
The benefit of having access to that skill set, but only paying for the knowledge when you need it, can help small businesses solve problems, grow, and thrive in a competitive market place.

Quality system and problem analysis

A full time quality manager can be an expensive prospect for a small business. There is also the problem of getting the right skills and experience.
Employing Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd to provide a set number of days support per month gets professional, cost effective quality management. The activities involved in maintaining and monitoring a system are often not full time in a small business, this is a cost effective way to obtain excellent support.


Training and mentoring

If you already have a quality and or continuous improvement function, Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd can provide cost effective training and support in a range of topics from ISO9001:2015 awareness and internal auditing to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.

If you have staff using quality and continuous improvement tools, Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd can guide and mentor your staff to boost their understanding and effectiveness.

Project management and support

Sometimes you just don’t have time for important projects. Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd can support you by working on projects when you have to be elsewhere.
Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd can work on root cause analysis of quality and productivity issues, process improvement projects, formulaiton issues or systems issues.