I reported to Tim both at Britvic Soft Drinks where he started his Managerial Career as Quality Manager and again at Field Packaging after we were both made redundant.I found Tim to be an engaging Manager, driven by a can do, will do approach to his work, (which in turn he instilled into his teams) and a highly analytical and evidence based approach to problem solving. In the four years that I worked for Tim I learned a great deal that has stayed with me and although I have changed professions, a lot of what I learned is still as useful to me today as it was then, in fact I was able to use some of it in a recent interview (The continuous Improvement Loop). I found Tim to be a great coach and mentor helping me develop my skills and improve my knowledge, making me look closely at what was being done and how it could be done better, ensuring that when I made a proposal for a change I had the evidence to back them up.