“Course tailored to meet needs well, really enjoyed it. Thanks”

“I liked how the final exercise brought all the stats pieces together”

“Training has been very useful and within a good working atmosphere”

“Trainer delivered the course well, went over each subject well and in depth”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic”

“Motivated and well educated”

“Excellent delivery of some complex concepts. I feel much better prepared to embark on my project having received the training”

“Very useful course, explained very well with great engagement. Very eye opening to many new techniques”

“Session was excellently presented and clearly communicated. Has left me wanting to learn more”

“Really informative and understandable training”

“Very good delivery and thorough explanations, Thank you”

“It was very helpful to use health setting examples in order to rationalise how we could use the tools”

“Very good, explained with real life problems”

“Very good, lots of experience and relevant stories”

“Passionate and wealth of examples. Easily able to create examples that relate to different businesses.”

“Trainer started early and stayed late to support me as an individual; much appreciated and needed.”