Thank you – Your knowledge is impeccable

As an organiser of regional events, we naturally have a long list of processes and flows we need to follow to ensure they are delivered with the highest degree of excellent and quality.

You spent quality time with us to understand our values and used several techniques to enhance them.

Your knowledge and support in training us to better understand our work flows, creating efficiencies and finally devising systems to help with implementation and review was invaluable. Your observation, listening and questioning skills were remarkable. and we thoroughly enjoyed working with someone who had a genuine desire and passion to wanting us to perform better.

‘We worked with Tim in 2018 over a 6 months period, his knowledge and expertise in process improvement is impeccable and his ability to adapt these principles to SME’s was excellent. Tim helped us understand work flows better and created efficiencies to help our business perform better. He comes highly recommended.’

We look forward to inviting you again in the future, and to help us to continuously improve and perform better.

Kind Regards
Mubarak Chati – Managing Director




Testimonial – Tamarind Tree Consultancy